First Aid Kits

"Ever needed a First Aid Kit for you dog, cat or horse?"......

"Have you bought a First Aid Kit that cost a small fortune that has everything you dont need and nothing you do?".......

Well at the Kingston Animal Hospital we have developed our very own First Aid Kits that have everything you need at a fantastic price!


Our Head Veterinary Nurse Pip worked tirelessly consulting with our vets and other professionals developing a kit that is just for Small Animals

she created another fantastic kit that is just for Horses

and then.... after the fantastic comments from clients that had purchased the Small Animal and Equine Kits there was a request from clients for a Mini First Aid Kit that was small enough to carry in the car

Our First Aid Kits have been walking out the door. The feedback has been fantastic as there is nothing as useful or affordable that we know of on the market anywhere!

Need a gift? ...We can even Personalize them!

To order a First Aid Kit please call us on 6229 5900 or email us at